10 things every 2018 Bride must know

Are you getting married the next year? If yes then this is the ultimate list of 10 makeup trends that you must know in order to be an outstanding 2018 bride.

1. Minimal Makeup

Line both of your lash lines and apply the highlighter cream on your cheeks to get the bride worthy glow.

2. Pale Pink Pop

Apply a pale pink on your lips and lids and top it off with a shimmery brown shadow for the ultimately ethereal finish.

3. Berry Look

Go for subtly lined lids with softly blushed cheeks and wine-colored lips for a gorgeous berry look.

4. Gilded Look

Apply a gold cream on the inner V of your eyes and brown shadow over lids and lower lash line with a soft pink blush and mauve lips.

5. Dramatic Look

Line the lids and apply pink-champagne shadow along with a peach blush and dusty rose lips for the ultimate dramatic look.

6. Classic Look

Use the earth tones everywhere except the lips to turn the minimal makeup look into a classic one.

7. Monochromatic Look

Apply shades of bronze everywhere from eyes, cheeks and even lips for a gorgeous monochromatic look.

8. Smoky Look

Create a smoky eye and pair it off with apricot blush and nude lips for the perfect smoking hot look.

9. Sexy Look

For a sexy look, apply bronzer instead of blush and pair it with smoky eyes and pale pink lips.

10. Natural Makeup Look

Focus on your lips by applying an orchid-colored lipstick peach blush and subtly lined eyes.

10 Things Every 2018 Bride Must Know


Are you getting married the next year? If yes then this is the ultimate list of 10 trends that you must know in order to be an outstanding 2018 bride


1. Capes & Capelets

Full-length capes and cropped capelets are just the things for 2018 bride if you need a royal touch.

2. Blue

Pale-blue wedding gowns are the new sexy for 2018 bridal looks.

3. Black

White is no more your only option, you can add black accessories like gloves, ribbons, and hairpieces to your white dress or go for an all-black wedding gown.

4. High Neck

2018 brides would love to keep their necks covered with ruffled high-neck halters to lace chokers.

5. Short and Sassy

Hemlines went up a notch as minis and midis will be the thing for all the fashion-forward brides of 2018.

6. Pants

Pants, pantsuits, and jumpsuits adorned with giant bows are another fashion-forward option for the brides of the next year.

7. Giant Bows

Girls love bows and so they aren’t going anywhere rather they just got bigger and better.

8. Pearls

Dresses encrusted with pearls as well as pearl necklaces will be making a comeback in 2018 bridal looks.

9. Gloves

Gloves in the elbow, as well as wrist length, will also be a clear choice of the fashion-forward brides in 2018.

10. Fringe

Fringe is going to be one of the hottest styles in both long and short bridal styles next year.

These are the top ten trends that need to be at your fingertips if you are 2018 bride-to-be.

What to expect during your bridal trial with a make-up artist?


Your wedding day is the day you’ve always been dreaming of since you were a little girl. It’s your day to shine and truly be a princess. You want to look your best, meaning your make-up has to be flawless! There are two options- hiring a professional make-up artist or doing it yourself. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

I’ll discuss the pros and cons of both in a separate blog post. For now, this post will give you tips of what to expect if you opt for a professional make-up artist.


For me, it is important that you have a make-up trial. Having a make-up trial ensures that both you and the make-up artist have a good understanding of the type of look you want for your big day. The last thing you want is to stress out about your make-up on your big day!

Here are some quick tips of what you should expect at your trial:

  • Tip 1: Have an idea of what kind of look you’re going for. Go through bridal magazines, social media sites, etc, to check out different looks.


  • Tip 2: Whenchoosing a bridal look, do take the following into consideration:


  1. Your wedding dress
  2. The colour of your wedding dress
  3. If you are using accessories, such as a tiara, veil, etc
  4. Make note of your face shape and which hairstyle suits you best


  • Tip 3: Haveyour eyebrows professionally groomed to shape and define your features. Don’t we all love eyebrows to be on fleek?


  • Tip 4:​If you are using any accessories, take these with you to the trial.


  • Tip 5: Try more than one look. Ask your make-up artist to give you at least two different looks, and then choose the one you prefer.


  • Tip 6:​Describe your skin type to your make-up artist and any allergies you may have.


  • Tip 7: Try and schedule your bridal trial in the morning so that you can keep the make-up for a while and see what it looks like in daylight. This also helps to examine the longevity of the make-up.


  • Tip 8: Aim to kill two birds with one stone. Ask your photographer to come along with you and take your pictures to see the outcome of make-up in the pictures.


  • Tip 9: If you know which specific products suit your skin, ask your make-up artist to use those during your trial.


  • Tip 10: Make sure that you are comfortable with the personality of your makeup artist, as it is very important because you will spend the most stressful hours of your life with him or her while having the final look for your wedding.


With all this being said, it is possible to have bridal make-up done by a professional make-up artist without having a Bridal Trial if you absolutely have full confidence in the make-up artist that you have chosen. In a separate blog, I’ll discuss how to choose a make-up artist.

Comments, questions, concerns? Let me know!


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Finding a makeup artist shouldn’t be daunting, but it can be if you wait until last minute! We advise you to start your search well in advance of your wedding day. Give about 6 -­‐ 12 months out to book a few consultation appointments. We both know you want your makeup to be perfect!


To have a flawless, professional look for your wedding, what you must seek includes:

  • A qualified, experienced artist


  • An artist who’s friendly and also a great listener


  • An artist who’s flexible and won’t overbook your wedding date


  • An artist who has an extensive portfolio


  • An artist who will give you referrals


A few but relevant questions will give you a convincing report as to whether the makeup artist can deliver glamorous and memorable wedding look.

Ask the following:


  • What do you charge?


  • Will you come to my home?


  • Do you charge a traveling fee?


  • Do you have discounts available for group bookings?


  • Do you charge more for holidays or Sundays?


  • Where did you study?


  • How long have you been doing makeup for weddings?


  • What experience do you have?
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Why I ask for a holding fee?


In the makeup industry, a holding fee is a very important element in making everything run smoothly for both the makeup artist and the customer. We can both benefit from a holding fee.

It acts as a symbol of commitment from the customer as well as the makeup artist. The holding fee keeps the customer assured about the availability of the makeup artist on appointment and time that’s given by the makeup artist. It also gives the makeup artist the customers’ committed times and appointments. Without it, several aspects could turn into a mess because of forced and unforced errors made by us. It acts as a reminder for both customer and vendor. More importantly, it acts as guarantor for both sides.

A holding fee also helps the makeup artist in arranging many things without any monetary issues. For instance, if the makeup artist needs to buy something that is required for your customized makeup, he/she can easily arrange it for you.

A holding fee is not only a part of the makeup business industry, but it is also used in other businesses to keep the troubles out of the book which are caused because of the nonprofessional attitudes, plus other issues.

The reason behind taking the holding fee from the customers is simple, which is to make sure that you guys do not face any kind of problems on the most special day of your life. It keeps thing smooth by having both sides stick to their commitments. Without it, there will be no guarantees that customers will stand by his or her words.

Desert Photoshoot Shoot


The Face:

First and foremost, I sanitized my hands and set everything up to work with another naturally beautiful face! For the base, I prepped and primed Regina’s bare face with SmashBox Photo Finished Primer.


Regina’s eyebrows were full and needed tweezing. Needed to get her eyebrows on fleek!

To shape and define her brows, sterilised tweezers were used to gently pull excess brow hair. This process is never the most glamorous-­‐ her poor eyebrows were sore and red. I stopped as soon as the brows were clean and tidy, then proceeded to fill in her brows. (Please note: it is advisable to have perfectly groomed eyebrows before having your professional make-­‐up done.) Using MAC Eye Brows in ‘Spiked’, I filled the eyebrows. Voila!


I used a mixture of rich purple hues on her eyelids to create the purple smokey eye to match her gorgeous purple Caftan dress. Makeup is art, just like the art on beautiful dresses! This was finished off with eyeliner for both top and bottom. I used a MAC Technakohl Liner in ‘Graph Black’. Finally, I applied some lashes on to put the cherry on top for her ultra glam look!

Why are wedding vendors so expensive?

Everyone wants to know the answer to this question that has been asked since the beginning of time, right? We often wonder why wedding vendors charge an extreme amount specifically for weddings, unlike other events. We often get insecure knowing that we’ll have to pay more for the services of wedding vendors because of our selective perception about their work ethic.

Usually, the biggest concerns are the fees for professional makeup artists and photographers. From my experience, here are some reasons why vendors charge more for weddings than other events-­‐ they work during sociable hours to service your wedding event; they have to prepare and sanitize their kits since your wedding is the most important event of your life, and they don’t want to jeopardize your happiness because of any careless mistake; they work for hours to create and design the customized look they will give you on your wedding day, which takes hours to do so (trust me!). Basically, they want to put all of their creativity and hard work into making your day the most memorable one of all.

As we all know, quality makeup and beauty products are extremely expensive these days, which forces the vendors to charge you a bit more. They might have to purchase new items for you to give you the perfect look. They have to travel for you. And of course, makeup artists have to keep themselves up to date with the latest trends and styles, which costs them a lot.

Like makeup artists, all other wedding vendors have similar issues, as they are offering you the same personalized services for which they have to put in more effort than other events. The coordination amongst the vendors can also be quite hectic, but in the end, they want to make this the best experience for you! It’s your day.

Makeup For Beginners

Contouring, highlighting, brushing, blushing, chiseling and arching. Do you get a headache just thinking about where to start with doing makeup on your face? Have you consigned yourself to just your lip liner and eye pencil because you think makeup is too much hassle? Do you want to learn how to look great on the go without the breaking the bank? Well, don’t you worry because this blog is to teach you exactly that!

Proper makeup is a form of art, and anyone can learn it! The more you do it, the better you’ll get at it because practice makes perfect. Simple, complex, heavy, light – you name it – the choice is yours! There are so many different ways to beautify your face – imagine your face as a canvas and you a master artist. Today I will teach you how to get your face looking its best in no time.

First, always remember that make up must be applied by clean hands and on clean skin.

Here is a quick run through of your makeup essentials:

  • Foundation: This is where you start – the base for the beautiful canvas that is your face. Foundation will even your skin tone and get you started aright.
  • Concealer – Let’s conceal all the dark spots and blemishes. Let’s make your face look like the perfect canvas that it is.


  • Blush/Bronzer Duo: You don’t want to go too overboard with this. A subtle blush matched with a light bronzer will give your face the color and sculpture it needs


  • Highlighter – Do you like the effect of slightly shimmering cheek bones when the sunlight hits your face? If slaying subtly is your thing, this should also be your thing! The right highlighter on your face will give you a subtle glow when you step out of the house.


  • Mascara – Give volume to your lashes with a mascara. Maybelline is a great brand with loads of options for mascara’s. Plus, it’s a drugstore brand so they are quite affordable.


  • Brow pencil – Gone are the days of straight line eyebrows that looked like a clothes line on your face! Follow the shape of your face, arch it if your need to. Draw the outline first and fill in the middle. Make it bolder. Your brows shape your face. Your brows can also open up or close up your eyes – depending on what you want. Master artist on canvas, remember?


And there you have it, ladies! A quick makeup guide for all those beginners out there.